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Pioneering Quality and Assurance

Welcome to the heart of Group Industries’ commitment to quality – our in-house laboratory. Here, we integrate advanced technologies with industry-best practices to ensure every product that leaves our facility stands testament to our reputation.

Our Testing Standards

ItemEN RequirementsOur Requirements
Fresh ConcreteEvery 400 m³Every 20 m³
All AggregatesWeekly and YearlyTwice everyday
Steel barsMill specifications3rd-party lab tests every alternate month

Ensuring World-Class Products

As you can see, our in-house laboratory isn’t just a facility; it’s a promise. A promise that every product we deliver is of unmatched quality, strength, and reliability. By housing our testing and quality assurance processes internally, we maintain an uncompromised control over accuracy, speed, and confidentiality. Naturally, to corroborate our results, we regularly work with SAC or MRA certified 3rd-party laboratories to ensure our equipment and materials are fit for purpose.

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