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    About Us

    Group Industries, founded in September 1986, started by providing high-quality, cost-effective foundation piles in Singapore. Now a major supplier in the region, they serve building contractors, project owners, developers, and government agencies. Consteel Pte Ltd, established in June 1995, focuses on supplying top-notch reinforcement steel bars to the construction industry. They collaborate with global steel mills and, in 1996, built a state-of-the-art facility with advanced handling systems. Anika Industri Konkrit Sdn Bhd in Johor, incorporated in 2007, meets growing construction demands. In 2014, Consteel Pte Ltd initiated its cut and bend operations, utilizing advanced technology for efficiency and innovation.

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    Group Industries & Consteel Services
    What We Offer

    Group Industries Pte Ltd is dedicated to producing high-strength precast Foundation Piles, while Consteel Pte Ltd operates as a supplier for high-tensile Deformed Rebars, mild steel Round Bars, and prime low-carbon steel Wire Rods In Coil. Consteel Pte Ltd also offers valuable Cut and Bend services for industry needs.

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    With over 4 decades of excellence, we’ve consistently exceeded client expectations in the building building & construction sector.

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    Our team of industry experts in building construction & concrete is dedicated to ensuring your success.

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    Harness the power of the latest technologies in RC Piles & Pile Shoes for a distinct competitive advantage.

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    We serve building and piling contractors, project owners, developers, and government agencies.
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    Welcoming Inquiries from Singapore & Worldwide.

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